Rare, Antiquarian and Vintage Books

Rare, Antiquarian and Vintage Books

At Way's Rare and Second-hand Bookshop in Henley-on-Thames you will find a selection of quality books from all eras.

Why not treat yourself?

If you are looking for something unique or out of the ordinary, here at Way’s Rare and Second-hand Bookshop we offer a range of books to suit your interests. Our books range from fiction to travel, gardening to maps and everything in between.

Always wanted to treat yourself to a vintage book? Well if you visit us here in Henley-on-Thames, we are sure to find a title that takes your fancy. Amongst our collection are both beautiful and valuable collectibles, as well as more recent additions.

Special and Decorative Books

Whilst plenty of satisfaction comes from the reading of these books, so much enjoyment also comes from the aesthetics of a stunningly bound book. With so much to offer; this gem of a bookshop will be a reason to visit Henley-on-Thames itself.
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Rare, Antiquarian and Vintage Books

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Make your books look beautiful

Make your books look beautiful

With our quality binding service, your books can look stunning.
The best bookshop in Oxfordshire!
"There aren't many bookshops like this anymore so it is a real treat to while away the hours browsing everything from 19th century editions of Pride and Prejudice to, vintage pamphlets, old folding maps and modern day paperbacks."
Iona C
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