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Selling Books

We want to buy books and will travel locally to view large collections too bulky to be brought here. However, it is best we price books here with access to our tools of reference. Although primarily interested in rare and older books, we’re keen to buy or sell good and unusual books from all eras. The only criteria is that the book should be interesting, decorative or informative. They do need to be in good condition but if the book is shaky but rare, warranting the attention of a binder, we can get that done. We’ll buy books of all description, in large lots or small, and at all
levels of price. We play a straight bat when appraising books - paying a high proportion of the selling price and, for rarities, we’ll pay the current going rate (based on prices achieved at London book auctions. This makes good financial sense, as for the vendor there are no lotting fees and commissions. There is no problem if the books fail to sell at auction. For us, it means we do not have to race around the country attending auctions. 
Way’s Bookshop are longstanding members of the Antiquarian Booksellers Association, the senior association governing the book trade. There must be thousands of ‘traders’ in books, especially in cyberspace, but only a few hundred members of the A.B.A. within the British Isles, are elected for their integrity, professionalism and knowledge. If confronted with something outside our expertise, we admit defeat, but will know a specialist to consult, or the route to take to achieve the best results. 

We just cannot value books by e mail or on the phone and please, do not send unsolicited parcels. Books have to be seen to be assessed as condition is important and they have to be checked, collated and researched if rare - this all takes time. It is often helpful to ‘phone for our e mail and send digital photographs. 

Please … do ‘phone ahead if bringing books to sell, in case we are away that day. It’s also a good idea to check if they are worth bringing too. 

There is parking in the wide driveway and sometimes space at the rear of the shop. 
Design and Architecture. especially 20th century · Fine bindings and sets but not encyclopaedias ·
Foreign Travel · Maritime : Books & guides about the River Thames · Traditional wooden boatbuilding · Engineering, especially antiquarian · Texts in Latin & Greek · Motoring & motorcycles · Fine Bibles, only if early · Poetry · Detective fiction · Flying & Aeroplane design · Dictionaries in unusual languages or dialect · Mountaineering & Arctic Exploration · Croquet & Polo · Gastronomy & history of food · Fishing tackle · Catalogues · Twentieth century illustrators & designers · English or Continental literature from all periods · Paperbacks & Thrillers but no romance! · Antiquarian books of all description · Birds · Shooting · Gamekeeping · Country Life & lore · Local history · Vintage Trade & Manufacturer’s catalogues · Naval · Books with woodcut illustrations · Typography & graphic design · Lithographed books · Victorian Postcard albums · Documents if decorative · Natural History · Ephemera of all description · Photography & books illustrated by real photographs ·
Vintage guidebooks, especially old Baedekers in original red cloth & vintage town guides up to the 1950s · Folding maps on linen of London & other destinations · Wall mounted, linen backed maps · Children’s illustrated books from all eras in good order · Oddities of all kinds · Rowing & Henley Regatta · Victorian or earlier Atlases · John Piper · Some craft books if with good detail · Victorian novels in original cloth · Fairy stories ·
Most sports, but not all sport & not recently printed · Scientific instruments · Mythology · The Classical World ·
Old letter headings & paper oddities of all kinds & from all eras ·


· Bookclub & mass-market editions published by WH Smiths (often large format and stuffed with photos from the photo library) ·
· Most periodicals unless very old · Sciences which date quickly · Management studies etc. · Mind, spirit & body  ·
· Maths, Physics & Law textbooks etc. · Chick-lit, celebrity biographies · Stamp collections · Royalty · All recent mass-market editions commonly found in charity shops etc · Any cookbook bought from a supermarket or Smiths · Most university course textbooks, (which are best sold immediately to students doing the same course, before they get out of date, and sold in a town with a University. There is also a facility on Amazon.com) · We can’t buy books in tatty condition & please don’t post us books out of the blue! ·
Great Shop!
"Friendly, prompt, informed & easy to deal with when selling books."
Amelia H
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