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 Rare, Vintage &  Selected Secondhand Books
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What We Like

Rare, Antiquarian and Vintage Books

At Way's Rare and Second-hand Bookshop in Henley-on-Thames you will find a selection of quality books from all eras.

PHONE 01491 576 663 between 10am-5pm and please don’t discard Grandpa’s Ordnance Survey Maps from the 1900-1940s, or other vintage maps or paper scraps, without checking first.... 

Way's Rare and Second-hand Bookshop

This is a flavour and not a definitive list:
  • Design and Architecture. especially 20th century
  •  Fine bindings and sets but not encyclopaedias 
  • Foreign Travel 
  • Maritime : Books & guides about the River Thames 
  • Traditional wooden boatbuilding 
  • Engineering, especially antiquarian 
  • Texts in Latin & Greek 
  • Motoring & motorcycles 
  • Fine Bibles, only if early 
  • Poetry 
  • Detective fiction 
  • Flying & Aeroplane design
  • Dictionaries in unusual languages or dialect
  • Mountaineering & Arctic Exploration 
  • Croquet & Polo 
  • Gastronomy & history of food 
  • Fishing tackle
  • Catalogues 
  • Twentieth century illustrators & designers
  • : English or Continental literature from all periods 
  • Bookbinding 
  • Paperbacks & Thrillers but no romance! 
  • Antiquarian books of all description 
  • Birds
  • Shooting
  • Gamekeeping 
  • Country Life & lore 
  • Local history 
  • Vintage Trade & Manufacturer’s catalogues 
  • Naval 
  • Books with woodcut illustrations 
  • Typography & graphic design 
  • Lithographed books 
  • Victorian Postcard albums
  • : Documents if decorative 
  • Natural History 
  • Ephemera of all description 
  • Photography & books illustrated by real photographs 
  • Vintage guidebooks, especially old Baedekers in original red cloth & vintage town guides up to the 1950s 
  • Folding maps on linen of London & other destinations 
  • Wall mounted, linen backed maps
  • Children’s illustrated books from all eras in good order 
  • Oddities of all kinds 
  • Rowing & Henley Regatta
  • Victorian or earlier Atlases 
  • John Piper 
  • Some craft books if with good detail 
  • Victorian novels in original cloth 
  • Fairy stories 
  • Most sports, but not all sport & not recently printed 
  • Scientific instruments 
  • Mythology 
  • The Classical World 
  • Old letter headings & paper oddities of all kinds & from all eras  

We can't buy....

  • Bookclub & mass-market editions published by WH Smiths (often large format and stuffed with photos from the photo library)
  • Most periodicals unless very old
  • Sciences which date quickly
  • Management studies etc.
  • Mind, spirit & body 
  • Maths, Physics & Law textbooks etc.
  • Chick-lit, celebrity biographies 
  • Stamp collections
  • Royalty
  • All recent mass-market editions commonly found in charity shops etc
  • Any cookbook bought from a supermarket or Smiths
  • Most university course textbooks, (which are best sold immediately to students doing the same course, before they get out of date, and sold in a town with a University. There is also a facility on Amazon.com)
  • We can’t buy books in tatty condition & please don’t post us books out of the blue!
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